The Magnet Motor: Making Free Energy

"Magnet Motor" refers to the machine that generates Electricity based on the power of permanent magnets The "Magnet Motor&quo...

Magnetic Free Energy Generator (PDF)

Magnetic Generator Plans - Demonstration of self-powered Generator version Electricity bills seem to go up while income goes down. See anyth...

What Generates The Magnetic Field In A Current Carrying Wire?

Magnetic field in current conductor according to electromagnetic causality According to James Clerk Maxwell's equations there are four e...

John Ecklin’s Magnetic-Shielding Generator

John Ecklin's Magnetic Generator Comments This is a generator that uses the power of a permanent fan. It is quite similar to Wesley W. G...

Harness The Power of "Back EMF"

Power supply for electrical resistance operated installations and appliances Abstract -- A power supply is provided for an electrial instal...

Testatika Generator - Free Energy by Impulse Technology

What is Testatika Generator? The Testatika generator belongs to the group of electrostatically influenced machines, which have been develope...

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